Faith Series: Introduction + My Answers

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I am so excited to present to you a new series on the blog "Faith". Each week I will release a Q+A with a fellow Christian blogger. God placed it on my heart to begin this series because there will be times where you may need something that I don't have to give you, but someone else out there does. So with that being said every Tuesday you will meet a new Christian blogger and hear all about their faith journey. For the sake of this introductory post I will present to you the questions I asked them and go ahead and answer them and on Tuesday you will meet the first Christian blogger.

1. Introduction (short 2-3 sentence bio--give snapshot of what your blog/social media page is about)

If you are new to my site and haven't read my about me post yet--my name is KiYada Upshaw. I am a devoted believer, wife, and aspiring entrepreneur and speaker. My blog and social media page is all about my journey. It initially started off as something completely different than what it will begin to be moving forward. I wanted this blog to showcase my rise to being this fashion designer, but as I continued to talk about God in the process I loved pouring out my highs and lows in all areas of my life and letting people know how He brought me through it or how He is bringing me through it. 

2. What is the one Bible scripture you live by? Why?

Romand 8:31 

 "What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?"

Romans 8 is an amazing chapter, please read the whole thing if you haven't. This verse along with many others are getting me through this season in life. For the longest I was looking for validation in likes, comments, and follows then I finally realized I am not doing this of myself, but of God. My validation comes from God, so if He has given me this vision then I know that He is surely for me not the people I am looking to for validation. What I have to offer is not for everyone, so the select people who my content is for like, comment, and share. Let me know in the comments if you'd like me share a blog post of my favorite Bible scriptures. 

3. What is your testimony?

I feel like testimonies are never ending. We should always be willing to dye to our flesh and allow God to bring us through. In this season of my life my testimony is waiting and trusting in God. I am aware that the plan has already been made, but that doesn't mean that I easily accept this. Daily I am asking God to help me to be self-aware and mindful when thoughts try to arise to cause me to worry or be anxious and create a false environment based on the unknown, based off of desires that God did not place in my heart. Although I have not overcame this yet, this is still my testimony because it took my a while to get to the point where I can notice the thoughts and release them before going into a mental panic attack. 

4. What does your quiet time with God look like? (bible/bible app resources used, time of day, etc.)

I use the YouVersion Bible app. I have been loving it ever since i downloaded it. I realize that i enjoy reading plans because I don't have a true study Bible. I keep meaning to order one from Amazon. I enjoy going through the devotionals--i can set a reminder to read the plan. So in the mornings before work I put on meditation music and read the reading plan for the day. In my journal I write down whatever I feel like was key from the devotional and also the scripture(s) that were listed. At the end I write in "Apply It" in my journal and write down how i can apply what was mentioned to life today. I can say on weekends this is a bit harder to do because I am not on a set schedule of waking up, but I just pick it up wherever I am in the day or the next day. And if God leads me, I sometimes share it on my stories--make sure you're following me to see those in the highlights of my insta stories.

After I finish the reading plan for the day I go into regular journaling then I write down prayers. I never realized that's what I was doing until recently. I am visual and I feel like the way I hear God talking to me is when I write what He is saying down in my journal--which works perfectly in times where I need to go back and reflect--His words are with me even when my mind in so full of thoughts and I can't reference a Bible scripture. 

5. Why have you chosen to use your social media platform to talk about your faith journey?

I choose to use my social media to talk about Jesus because one I love Him so much. He didn't have to give me his grace. He didn't have to lay his life down for me--so why not talk about someone who would think of me before i was even thought of.

Secondly, I'm so tired of the negativity. The devil is using people for things like cyber bullying, comparisons, self-doubt, and so many other things that are just not positive. For a while I thought about deleting all my social media accounts, but I didn't want to be disconnected since this is the way we communicate, so i figured if I am going to use this tool I am going to use it to spread positivity and bring God and Jesus back into people's lives because so many people seem to have forgotten about him. 

6. Any tips/advice for new believers or believers who seemed to have lost their way?

For new believers: Live moment to moment. Each new breathe you take is a new moment, a fresh new start. God gives each and everyone of us His grace and don't ever think you're unworthy because you are completely worthy, if you are breathing you are worthy. It wont be easy, especially when you first give your life to him. Everyone and everything will come at you left and right and the only way to keep your salvation is to get around believers who can pray for you and with in times of temptation.

Believers who have lost their way: Don't allow anyone to tell you that you are something you are not. Be sure to read my post on how my faith was tested. Had I allowed the devil to pry with my mind based off of something someone said who no longer knew anything about me, I would not be the believer I am today. Know that this is an individual walk and we all have to work on our own soul salvation. God knows your heart, but in Him knowing your heart, you also have to know yourself and have enough self control to do better each day and not return to ways he has saved you from. Remember each test will be harder each time you fail and when you yield to temptation whatever you were praying for you will have to wait even longer because you failed your test.

7. Are there any special projects that you are currently working on that you would like people to know about?

Yes. Y'all I have so many new projects coming up. I am ecstatic. I hope you have checked out my SHOP page. This is the first of many more products to come to my online store. God is really giving me clarity and favor. I truly appreciate your support of my journey to entrepreneurship. 

8. Where can people get in touch with you? (social media handles and blog/website)

Blog: | Social Media: Facebook and Instagram @kupshawweekly

Shop Social Media: @kiyadaupshaw

I hope that you enjoyed this and are looking forward to the amazing guest Christian bloggers. Leave me comments, let me know what you thought. If you need prayer feel free to email me. Don't forget to like and share post.

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