You Version App: Hope When It Hurts 7-Day Devotional RECAP

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If you are going through a tough situation it's okay if it draws you closer to God. -Pastor Matt Anderson of One Community Church


If you were following my Instagram about a month ago, I talked, in a few posts, about this 7-day devotional. I found this devotional during one of the worst and best times in my faith. Before I found this devotional, my faith was challenged and for a split second I almost let what this person said crush me. That one sentence really had me questioning my relationship with God. In the beginning I was so upset. I was like how dare said person say xyz. During this time I had absolutely no peace and all I could do was pull strength from the Hubs, the parentals, and the few people who knew the situation.

After my emotions calmed down and I finally reflected, I realized that I could be doing better, I could be doing more to secure in my relationship with God, and in the event that something like this ever occurred again, I wouldn't have to question my relationship with God, but know without a doubt that me and God and here (imagine me making the eye to eye motions).

Lesson Learned

There are so many lessons I learned from this one situation. 

First, I learned that pain and suffering is something we have to go through in order to accept and value joy and happiness. When we think back on Jesus and him dyeing for us, He took on our iniquities and transgressions, our sins and rose above them on the 3rd day. With that being said, pain and suffering will come, but because Jesus overcame them, we can surely overcome them too. We can overcome them because we draw our strength from what God hid inside of us.

Secondly, because I made a decision about 4 years ago to leave my childhood church, for personal reasons, the only thing I new about God and Jesus was from the foundation they laid for me. I had to, and still in the process, of uprooting that old foundation so I may lay a new one I can build on based upon what I believe to be true. 

Thirdly, I learned that everyday I have to make a decision to spend time with God. I have to be intentional with getting to know more about him. Not just when there is a problem, but just because I want and need him in my life everyday. When those words were said to me, I was heartbroken, I was in complete disbelief. I NEVER want to go through that again because I know how much God means to me. As hurtful as those words were, I needed to hear them so that I can put myself in check.

This y'all. This devotional was so much better than any other devotional I have every attempted to read. That's possibly why I would begin and then slack off. I never found anything that truly ministered to me. 

Let me know in the comments what you thought of this post, if you've read this devotional on the You Version Bible app or if you plan to read it. I'd love to compare notes and know what you got out of it. 

Love, Light, & Peace to You,



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