Life Update: I Got A New Job


Enters college at LSU Fall 2011. Never changes major from Textiles, Apparel Design, and Merchandising. Furthermore, adds a minor in Business Administration. Participates in FA@LSU, interns as a photoshoot stylist, participates in local fashion shows, etc. Interns as a design assistant in Brooklyn, NY summer 2014. Graduates May 2015. This snapshot sounds so amazing, right? Only problem is, I had no job lined up after graduating from college. I was working at Express part-time when I graduated from LSU actually and the only full time job I was able to land was being an admin. assistant for a law office by way of a friend 3 months post graduation.

They say go to college, get a degree, do an internship, and work in Corporate America. I cannot remember what I expected was supposed to happen when I entered college in 2011, but I can assure you whatever it was I expected did not happen. It took for me to move over 500 miles away from home to land a job in my career field. Wait, let me backtrack for a second. It took for me to go back to retail August 2017, uproot my family and move over 500 miles away from home to get a job in my career field--and that’s only the skinny of the story.


I am a Development Assistant for Bioworld Merchandising on the Mens & Boys team. I work for a pop culture fashion company assisting the development team on licensed and private label products. What does that mean? I enter data into a fashion software, called PLM, that has been created by graphic designers. I also wear many other hats throughout the day, but that is my main job function. Honestly, everything happened so fast. I knew for a fact that I moved here to get a job in my career field. I had so much faith that I would land a job that by the time week 3 came of me living in Dallas I had landed this job. I was determined and most importantly, I told God what I wanted, applied for jobs every day, all while still working at Buckle performing at the highest level not showing that I was totally over retail even though in real life I was. Within a week of applying for the job at Bioworld, I had received the offer letter and started the following Monday. 

Lesson Learned

Even though I was so scared to move, I knew that I needed to move in order to position myself to get to where I wanted be. I wanted to land this job prior to moving so badly, but instead I had to transfer my retail job going strictly off of faith that I would get the job I wanted soon after moving. Luke 17:6 says to have faith of a mustard seed and I had it. It was hard, I was filled with so much anxiety, but my God is bigger than my fears and my anxieties. I had to lean on God's promises and also lean on Ryan--knowing that we were in this together. 

What are you believing in God for? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Light, & Peace to you.




KiYada Upshaw

24 year old millennial building an overnight success story 1 week at a time. Talking about building a fashion brand while being a young newly wed keeping God at the full font of the relationship and career.