Life Update: The Upshaws MOVED !



“I am so scared. Scared to leave the place I’ve called home for the past 23 years of my life, but most of all scared to live in a new state, a new city."

-Excerpt from my journal





As you can tell from the title, Ryan and I have officially taken the next step in this #adulting thing and moved to the Dallas/DFW area. Literally guys, the past few weeks have a been a blur. Apart of me still feels as though I should be getting in the car to head back to Louisiana, but nope it’s real. Chapter 2 of The Upshaw Saga has started off with us leaving our Baton Rouge, LA life to live a life in a brand new state, a brand new city--a place we are somewhat familiar with since we frequent this area every Christmas, but it’s completely different since we are now supposed to call this place home.

The week leading up to moving, I felt so much anxiety and it just seemed like everything that could go wrong was going wrong. And not to mention every reason why I wanted to move out of Louisiana became invalid the closer our move date came. Oh the irony of this thing called life. Now that the move is officially here I’m like “okay Lord your hand was totally all up in this thang.” Seriously though, God has truly made a way out of no way. Ryan and I have been trying to move out of Louisiana since graduating in 2015, but every time we tried something went wrong and we never did. Now, just shy of 3 years, we have moved and it seems so surreal.

Lesson Learned

Be scared. And do it anyway. So many people get super complacent in where they are and are overly scared to follow their dreams. When the reasons why I wanted to move became invalid, I was totally tested on if I still wanted to move, but I had to push through them. I had to push through my fears, block out the thoughts, and still pack my house up anyway. I knew that the uncomfortable feeling was only temporary and everything I wanted waited for me outside of my comfort zone.

Special Thanks

We are grateful to God for his favor. We are truly thankful for amazing parents who have been there every step of the way and encouraging us to keep going after our dreams and goals. We also thank our family in the DFW area who have welcomed us with open arms and have been showing us the ins and out of this highway thing. If your destination is 30 minutes or under your are #winning!  We also have to thank our friend group. You guys will be greatly missed, but it’s apart of growing up--not growing apart. Our friendship will last beyond the end of time.

If you’re in the DFW area i’d love to meet you. Let me know where are the best places to eat, art museum locations, and any fashion/art related events going on.

Love, Light, and Peace to you




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