August Garment of the Month: KiYada Upshaw Khaki Pants x Closet Finds

Tired of wearing the same outfits over and over again? Need some help creating new outfits with what you already have? Well keep reading because I have some awesome tips for you.

KiYada Upshaw

Blazer: The Limited | Denim Shirt: Altar'd State | Pants: KiYada Upshaw SS'17 

Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet & Earrings : Charming Charlie | Necklace & Shoes: Ross Dress For Less


My biggest fashion problem is I always feel like I never have anything to wear so I result in buying something or making something new when there are many items in my closet collecting dust. If I just took some time to create new outfits, I can help save the environment by purchasing less and save The Hubs from sending me the eyes emoji after seeing a purchase in the account. So I pulled out my khaki pants from my SS '17 collection, made a few alterations by shortening the hem just a tad bit for my 5'2 self and spent approximately 2 hours trying to find the perfect outfit. I tried on top after top after top making probably 5 or 6 outfit combinations with this one pair of pants.

3 tips for creating new outfits from your closet finds:

Staple pieces: these include your basic black, navy, khaki, gray, white and any other neutral color in trousers, blazer, button down shirt, and dresses. Every girl and guy absolutely has to have these solid colors in their closet in it's most simplest style. This is your starting point for creating a fresh new outfit. 

Print and/or vibrant color: Next you'll need to add a funky print, a pop of color, or both if you're feeling yourself. You want to add in some color or a contrasting print because your neutral pick will enhance your print and/or pop of color. The base color of my blazer is white, but it has a tweed zigzag blue print. My khaki pants compliment the print by bringing out the blue color.

KiYada Upshaw

Accessories: Yes, you need these. I didn't know how important accessories were because normally I wear the same jewelry day after day because it's quick easy and let's face i'm lazy most days, but I needed something to add to this outfit so I could stop thinking as though I looked like a high school boy in this outfit. My statement necklace and vintage flats really gave me the added touch I need for this outfit. The soft blue color in the flats, the floral embroidery on the toe of the shoe, and the hints of pink in both the necklace and shoe added just enough feminism for an added boost of confidence to rock this look. For men opt for a funky tie and contrasting handkerchief. 

KiYada Upshaw

Bonus Tip:

Where are you going? : Even if you don't have a specific place to go, you still need to have a general idea of where you'd where your "new outfit" to. I wore mine to work, then to an appointment, and later to my friend's fashion show. I got 3 uses out of this one outfit in one day.


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