July Garment of the Month : White & Blue Striped Shorts

KiYada Upshaw shorts

Sewing is just like riding a bike. If you don’t keep up with it you will forget how to do, but once you get back to it your skills will resume. So to continue sharpening my skills I decided to challenge myself to making a garment, or at least doing some type of sewing/patterning activity, each month.

Last month I was browsing in Jo-Ann’s after I received a coupon notification for 50% off one single cut of fabric and I fell in love with this striped fabric. I found it in the sportswear section of the store. It is a poly/viscose blend for those of you that are familiar with textile fibers. I prefer to work with heavier woven fabrics because it makes all my sewing projects go by really quickly and gives me less of a headache. Silky or silk look alike fabrics are a pain, but I do plan to challenge myself to work with lighter weight fabrics more so that I can be a well-rounded designer.

These shorts have an elastic waistband. They are easy to pull on and off and goes well with the summer season. The hem is pictured cuffed, but can be rolled down if I unbutton the hem placket at the side. These are very similar to the first pair shorts I ever made for myself back in 2014, the difference is the material I chose to use this time and also design differentiation of adding the longer hem so it can be cuffed or extended.

KiYada Upshaw shorts
KiYada Upshaw shorts

Hope you love my shorts just as much as I do. Leave me comments and let me know what you’d like to see me feature on the blog. Do you want to see these shorts available in the KiYada Upshaw shop?



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