Fashion Business : Target, Removing Veteran Brands

As much as I would love to continue talking about how Amazon is dominating the game i.e like their newest brand addition, Nike, but I’ll let you go look up that story up yourself. What’s better than shopping at Wal-Mart for clothing? Shopping at Target for clothing and accessories. I know I am not the only one that makes a Target run for one thing and come out with more than I needed. They have such cute items and let’s face it, their prices are what entice you to continue to buy. 

KiYada Upshaw


This week Target was in the news for a very bittersweet change. They are getting rid of some of their veteran brands and replacing them with newer brands that will bring a fresh, trendy, and boutique feel to their apprarel and home décor sections. I first saw this story on Snapchat and had to swipe up to read the full story. I for one am very sad because when I first started my college journey in 2011 my mom and I purchased all of my dorm room essentials from Target and most of my freshman year wardrobe came from there, too. I still have some of those items to this very day and I am not ashamed to say that six years later. That means the brands spoke to me and were made with great quality. So who are the brands that will be replacing favorites among Target’s loyal customers you might ask, keep reading to find out!

Brands such as Cherokee and Circo, lines for children will be replaced with Cat & Jack label. Art Class is another brand that will be put into place for the older kiddos. My favorite brands Massimo and Merona will be replaced with A New Day, Goodfellow & Co for the men, and JoyLab entering into Target’s athleisure section giving the brand a little more edge in this department. All these changes will be ongoing and slow, but should be in full effect by 2019.


Lesson Learned

Well Amazon, you have done it again by shaking up the veteran retailers and making them rethink their strategy to keep their customers. And to the customers you have done your duty by reminding retailers that you have the purchasing power they just have to supply the products. What have we learned from Target? Don’t knock the algorithm or you’ll get left behind. When think of myself as a shopper, I know that I like exclusivity. I know that when I go into a store I want to be one of the few people in my town that has purchased an item (which is why I like to make my outfit for special occasions). Target has listened to you as a consumer and played close attention to your purchasing habits. They hear you loud and clear and will be bringing you fresh and new designers to shop from. Their shops will mimic that of a boutique giving you the exclusivity at a much cheaper retail price tag. On another note, Target over the years has been implementing other omni-channel strategies to continue to meet consumers shopping habits and changes to compete with Amazon (i.e buy online pick up in store, the Cartwheel app, 2 day shipping option, amongst many other things to keep their customers coming back. I think one of their biggest innovations was the $1 section near the entrance). What has Target taught you? Do you shop at Target? Leave me comments below about this news.



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