KUpshaw Weekly, Where Do We Go From Here?

Last year in August I set out on a journey to begin blogging again. I started blogging back in 2012 while in undergrad. My first blog’s name was VintageINC. This blog was all over the place. I had no consistent schedule, I blogged about whatever came to mind. Then in 2014 I did a re-launch on a different platform and tried again to find my voice. After a year I stopped because I wanted to take a break and work on myself and understand who I was becoming post grad life. So August of 2016, I deiced to start blogging again, but this time I would be more consistent, have a goal in mind, and let us not forget about the new name KUpshaw Weeky, so I thought.


I started off strong. KUpshaw Weekly was filled with fashion post, entrepreneurship post, and more often than anticipated, lifestyle post. I got a few comments here and there on the fashion post. I even started making worksheets, on both business and lifestyle, I felt would be useful to my reader and help me build my email list; however, no one budged. So after seeing how much my little following valued lifestyle post I kind of went with it and started to position myself as a relationship guru unintentionally. I wanted people to read my blog, but I started gaining the wrong following. I got lost in what people wanted me to do and forgot about my sole purpose in starting this blog back up.

For those of you who have been following me for the past 6 months you will notice the lifestyle tab is completely gone. I decided no longer to position myself as a lifestyle blogger because being a lifestyle blogger does not propel me forward towards my long terms goals. I decided that I won’t make any more worksheets--if people want to subscribe to my blog, then they will do so at their own leisure, I don’t need to continue to follow “blog trends” and create lead magnets to get people to follow me because they started to unsubscribe anyway. Those worksheets take a lot of time to create and I don’t have time to put into something that will not propel me forward.

With all that being said, where is KUpshaw headed? I decided to challenge myself to make one garment per month and feature it on the blog. Whether it be for myself or custom work purchased through my online shop. *if custom work is complex this could take longer than 30 days and garment post will be replaced with fashion business until project is completed* Doing this will propel me to my long term goals by allowing me to continue to learn and sharpen my skills and gain the appropriate audience I initially set out to target. KUpshaw Weekly will have a new post published once a week on Friday. The schedule should look something like this: Week 1: garment of the month, Week 2: Fashion Business, Week 3: Journey to Entrepreneurship (video), and Week 4: Fashion Business. I can no longer post three times per week like I started off doing because KiYada is getting her Master’s degree y’all. I am attending LIM College online and will hold a MPS in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management next year. 

The Lesson

After taking a step back to assess where I intend to be in the long run, I had to audit KUpshaw Weekly and really ask myself if what I was putting out there was going to help me reach my goals. It was nice to get awesome comments about Ryan and I and read that people related to my stories of social anxiety and friendship, but this blog is a portfolio. It is an extension of my personal brand and the fashion brand I am in the process of building. I do think over time I will get back to lifestyle post, but it won’t be the type of lifestyle post I started off with. I want employers to be able to look at this blog and see how passionate I am about fashion. I also want potential clients to see how serious I am about entrepreneurship and trust me to make custom work or purchase whatever physical product I put out in the future. I hope that you’ll stick around for the journey, but if you don't thanks so much for being with me throughout these past six months. :)

Be sure to leave comments below. Tell me what in the fashion world of business interests you. I'll be talking a lot about retail stores closing and where I think the industry is headed in the next year or so. 




KiYada Upshaw

24 year old millennial building an overnight success story 1 week at a time. Talking about building a fashion brand while being a young newly wed keeping God at the full font of the relationship and career.