It's Official | KiYada Upshaw Has Launched !!!

Pop the champagne or sparkling juice, whichever is your preference because KiYada Upshaw has officially launched. It took a lot of going back and forth before deciding to actually go through with this launch, so keep reading to find out all about what the past 6 months has been like for KiYada Upshaw.


If you’re on my email list, which you should be, then you have been informed that KiYada Upshaw had some things coming up. When I initially announced this to everyone on my email list, I had in mind to be selling a full production run of my Spring/Summer 2017 collection that was shown in New Orleans Fashion Week Emerging Designers Competition back in March. So after the show was over I began researching USA factories that can fulfil a service for me to have my clothing for sale online and even in boutique stores. That totally flopped for multiple reasons relating to some of them taking too long to respond to a simple email all the way to the cost was outrageous leading me to retail my clothing well above the price I have targeted for my customer. So then I decided I should start smaller and just look into getting one of my patterns in a full size run and make the clothes myself. This idea flopped as well. This service in itself was well above the budget I had set for myself at some of the places I contacted. So to keep myself from being fully discouraged and not checking off a goal I had set I contemplated on whether I should open my store and sell services. I decided to go through with selling services because I have gotten a few people that ask me to do custom work and other people who inquired about sewing and patternmaking classes and those inquiries landed me with launched my online shop as a service based business for the moment.

The Lesson

Going through this taught me that there are many roadblocks that will come up when you are being intentional and doing your best to live out your God given purpose. This experience also taught me to learn to be an observer of the situation and really assess what is going on and come up with more short term plans to get to the ultimate goal. I almost didn’t go through with the launch because I felt as though it wasn’t the launch I wanted, but at the end of the day it’s still something. It’s still a way to do what I love, continue to learn throughout the process, and continue to gain an online presence that way when I start adding physical products to the store I will have an audience relaunch to. Please browse around on my online shop here and if you’re intersted in any of my services send an email to Remember: Start Small to Win Big -- this is my small start that will lead me to winning big



KiYada Upshaw Services Price Sheet

KiYada Upshaw

24 year old millennial building an overnight success story 1 week at a time. Talking about building a fashion brand while being a young newly wed keeping God at the full font of the relationship and career.