How to Expand Your Significant Other's Personal Style :: The Upshaws x JORD Watches GIVEAWAY

KUpshaw Weekly has partnered with JORD Watches to give a product review on their new Spring ‘17 men’s watch collection. I am so thrilled to tell you my thoughts and Ryan’s view on the watch, too. I will be honest, when I was first approached I was bummed that I wasn’t getting the chance to rock these amazingly designed watches, but hey it’s okay, The Hubs let me jump in on a few shots so it all worked out. If you have never heard of this accessories brand, then you need to make sure to visit their page after reading our review because they are literally dominating the game from their product design, materials sourced, functionality, and ethical standpoint, who can compare? Also stick around until the end to enter into The Upshaws x JORD Giveaway

Outfit deets:

The Hubs:

Shirt: Express | Jeans: Buckle | Watch : JORD Conway Series --Walnut & Jet Black


Top & Jeans: Forever 21 | Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet & Earrings : Altar'd State

This week we have a special guest joining us--The Hubs! Ryan always sees me sewing from start to finish and everything in between. I was very happy to take a break from sewing and show him the other side of my side hustle--blogging, creative photoshoots, & styling; and might I add in that we had a lot of fun.

Ryan is such a matchy matchy type of of dresser and very sophisticated whereas I am very free spirited and a risk taker. I am glad he let me put my fashion/styling experience along with my free spirited attitude to use and with the help of JORD watches, we gave him a new outlook on putting colors and outfits together.

Can you imagine what it was like being in the mall with Ryan trying to pick out an outfit? To begin, I had a different idea in mind, but of course I couldn’t find what I was looking for and Louisiana bi-polar weather changed from cold to hot the day of our shoot, bummer! So regathering my thoughts we decided to go with a more casual look suitable for a day out of the house. With that being said, Ryan normally does not wear a watch unless we are going somewhere, like an event he has to dress up for. Seeing him excited about JORD Watches and actually wanting to wear it on a regular non eventful day, was a shocker. He said the watch was very lightweight and most of the time he forgot that he was even wearing one. Maybe the watch being made of wood material will get him to wear a watch daily, who knows. Yes, I said wood! JORD Watches are made from your everyday home products such as furniture remnants which causes no harm to our environment because there are no harsh chemical by product affecting it.

I personally love how rustic the watch is. Ryan would normally shy away from anything rustic because it’s outside of his comfort zone, but the watch provides an upscale and modern look to appeal to multiple style interests. His favorite part about the watch is how the watch opens and closes--his initial words were “man the way it opens and closes is ‘dope’” Thank you JORD for broadening my husband’s outlook on fashion! :)

So the lesson learned here is to take what your significant other is comfortable with and tweak one or two things. Ryan loves henley shirts, but ripped jeans was one step outside of his comfort zone. His favorite colors are black and gold which is why I chose that color combination for him because looking at the watches for first time in his eyes he was not sold--his response every time was "it's alright". Remeber to let them still have some sense of comfort so that you both are satisfied and no one is left feeling overwhelmed or as if the person's own opinions of how they should look doesn't matter.

GIVEAWAY-And Everyone's A Winner!

Click here to enter The Upshaws x JORD Givewaway and receive an E Gift Code for $25! One lucky winner will win an E Gift Code for $100 at the end of the giveaway on April 9, 2017. Graduation, Mother’s Day, & Father’s Day will be here before you know it! Everyone deserves to experience what JORD watches have to offer and you should know that your purchase provides work for employees who are being treated fairly and paid accordingly.

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