#NOFW7, Week 6 & 7

No one gave me a “how to” guide on being a wife, corporate America minority, and a side hustler. I didn't have an example to look up to. Everyday I learn something new, I perfect my schedule to accommodate all my daily activities, and for the past couple of weeks, I had to take a break from social media, email newsletters, and blogging.

Week Overview

These past couple weeks i’ve been in overdrive. February 19 I had my fit session--8 of 10 girls showed up, all sew ups were completed, and the day went by so smooth I couldn't even believe it! I had so much fun. After everything had settled down, I told Ryan that it was great to see how I handled a full day of fempreneurship and wife duties. In between the models showing up I was washing/folding clothes, making lunch, and I even had enough time to get groceries for the week and start dinner before the last girl came. That Sunday was well spent and gave me hope that sooner than later that'll be my life on daily basis.

This weekend I’ll be getting the last of my fabrics. I had phone call with my mentor this past Monday evening and gladly again I had not moved forward without speaking to her because I would've wasted money on fabric. She “approved” my color cards and fabric swatches, but also made me broaden my collection even further by suggesting I add in another print to make it more diverse and not so matchy-matchy. With 3 weeks left I have a lot of work to get done but I am so thrilled to see the finished products!

The Lesson

I sent out a survey about 2 months ago and one of the main questions I got asked was how do I balance it all. To be honest I don't know if there is a such thing as balance, but I prioritize. These past couple weeks I had to put all extra activities that were not pressing on pause so I could make sure my household was taken care of first!--then i made sure this collection got worked on. If you missed my announcement on social, Ryan and I moved! I chose not to make time for KUpshaw Weekly because it was not a priority at that particular time. Even though I said I would send weekly newsletters and put out weekly blogpost, life happens and I had to follow the path my life was taking me on. But all the moving and unpacking is finally done and i’m back in the swing of things.\\

Hope you enjoyed this post and it fees so good to be back! 





KiYada Upshaw

24 year old millennial building an overnight success story 1 week at a time. Talking about building a fashion brand while being a young newly wed keeping God at the full font of the relationship and career.