#NOFW7, Week 5

Finally we have reached the halfway point of my journey to New Orleans Fashion Week 7. I somewhat feel like I need to hit the slow down button because the time is really passing me by, but in a good way.

Week Overview

This week I started sewing my sew-ups or prototypes. Seeing my many nights of pattern making finally come alive is making me more excited. I told you in the first first post that this season I designed things I had never tried before. While I was making the patterns I was so unsure of myself because I had never made those patterns before and I’m not in school anymore so I have no one to guide me on if it's right or wrong. So far what I have sewn together has been coming out great! The only problem I see so far is with my pant pocket pattern. I may have made the wrong pattern for the pocket I want, but that's an easy fix, no need to stress, even though you can imagine how freaked out I was when I could not get it to sew together correctly.

This is one of my many sew ups. As of today, 02/15, I have 8 of 10 sewn up--I just have to add in zippers. As you can see I only have 1 sleeve on. That's all I need to see to make sure the fit is right. I'm a bit unsure of this particular design but maybe once I add in the zipper and see what it looks like on my model I will have a different opinion. Oh and I added in an #ussie with Khloe--that's my mannequine's name! :)

This past Saturday I also went fabric shopping in New Orleans at Promenade. I was definitely very hesitant in going here, one because they are very pricey and two their online selection is no comparison to what they have in store. What I saw online really discouraged me from wanting to go--but Victoria and I went anyway. We were thrilled to have went there and found exactly what we were looking for. We spent less than an hour in the store which is why I didn't put too much on my social if you were following along. I do have to go back, so maybe I will stay long enough to document how I go about picking out fabrics.

The Lesson

This week I learned to trust my gut feeling. I get so scared when it comes to pattern making and construction. I always feel so unsure of myself because I no longer have anyone to check my work. I guess that is what happens when someone is holding your hand and not allowing you to use your brain. This collection is pushing me out of my comfort zone on so many levels. My sketches have improved, my pattern making skills have improved, and my construction is getting there. I still need more work on my sewing, but with all things it take time and it takes practice. I’m glad I decided not to take the easy way out because I know i’m a winner regardless of what the outcome will be.



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