#NOFW7, Week 3

Let's just say that with 7 weeks to go the delusion is starting to setting in day by day. Both physically and mentally i’m satrting to feel the exhaustion.

Week Overview

I’m sure you are eager to hear if I got my patterns finished by the end of the night yesterday, January 31st. Nope, I sure did not. Am I disappointed, nope, I am not. Sunday evening I had a FaceTime call with my mentor and I showed her my sketches and we talked about my plans moving forward with fashion week. After taking what she said into consideration, I tweaked a couple of my designs and changed one completely. If you thought I was excited before, I am even more eager to show this collection now because of her 12 years of industry experience guidance helping me. As of today I have about 90% of my patterns completed. They will be completed by the next blog post and I will be moving onto the sew ups.

I decided not to be upset with myself for not meeting my deadline because if had I finished my patterns I would have wasted time on patterns I didn't even need. I also decided to be mentally forgiving because a lot of my patterns I needed the pattern block or sloper before I could get the finished pattern piece which I had to create from scratch. If you know anything about pattern making then you know what I mean.

The Lesson

Having my deadline set pushed me to continue to work hard because I knew I had something written down to work towards. I also allowed myself the opportunity to push the deadline back an extra 4 days because I took the guidance from an industry professional to make what I put on the runway much better than what was originally planned. Oh and I realized I have so many stylelines on most of designs, which means every time you see a seam line that is a pattern piece. I think I have anywhere between 30-40 individual pattern pieces for a 10 look collection--I am going to forgive myself for not meeting this deadline :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Talk to you next Wednesday.




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