Lipsense, Beauty Product Review

Have you ever wanted a lipstick that doesn't transfer? How about lipstick you never have to reapply from the first application? I’m very new to wearing makeup and very new to wearing lipstick--like last year new. I always felt like I looked liked a clown with enlarged lips, but that's what happens when you buy lipstick from the drug store you can't try on.

When I was approached to try out the beauty product Lipsense I was a little hesitant. I had never heard of this brand before because it's not sold in stores. It is only sold by the brand’s third party distributors. Then I was told Lipsense is a non-transferable lipstick that does not need to be reapplied after the first application. I’ll be honest, i’m semi lazy when it comes to makeup. I don't wear it everyday, it just seems like too much let alone to reapply it throughout the day. So I told Dani, the Lipsense distributor, okay now i’m intrigued. I want to see if this really works.


First Impression

I’m going to tell you my first impression exactly as I was saying it to myself.

Application. *Opens lipstick. What’s that smell? Like why do you smell weird? **turns up nose** Umm, okay I guess. **applies Lipsense lipcolor** Oh but no, like why are you burning my lips?? Okay KiYada just be strong, don’t take it off you have to wear it all day. s/n : the directions say to apply the Lipsense color 3 times letting each application sit for 3-5 seconds. ** finishes lip color application...applies Lipsense lip gloss**

Removale. I applied the oops! removale 3 times and each each time i used a wipe to take it color off.

Okay now that my dramaticness is over. As you read, the smell when first opening it was absolutely horrible. I don’t like strong anything, especially not beauty products. Luckily after applying the lip gloss I was no longer able to smell the lip color. My guess is it smells so strong, lowkey toxic, and kind of burned my lips because of the agent they put in it to make the lip color non-transferable--not sure if this is the real reason, just a guess. The color is very dull without lip gloss--not matte dull, just plain dull.

Does it work?

YES! I applied the lip color and gloss around 11a. The only reapplication I needed was the lipgloss because of eating and drinking throughout the day. The color did not transfer on any glass or straw and not even on The Hubs :)

Is it worth it?

I got many compliments on the color and how perfectly it matched my skin tone. Lipsense has a very broad color selection, which is my favorite part about the brand. I was so undecided on what color to pick because all the colors were so beautiful. No more looking like a clown with enlarged lips!

The Lipsense Kit retails for $55. Included in this kit is the lip color, lip gloss, and oops! removale. The lip color by itself retails for $25 and the lip gloss $20.

Yes:: If you are a person who is really into makeup I definitely this it is worth. I have never heard of any product that functions the way this product functions. I would definitely like to use something like this in my fashion shows so that the color doesn't transfer onto my garments during model changes.

If you are interested in getting a Lipsense lip color for yourself you can purchase directly through Dani here. Become apart of her Facebook group to hear about special offers, giveaways, and new goodies. Get connected with other Lipsense lovers that may have a different opinion on the product. Find it here. Be sure to mention to her that I sent you and you’ll receive 10% off your first purchase.

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