#NOFW7, Week 2



Let the countdown continue to #NOFW7. As the weeks continue to go by, the more and more excited I get. This week we’ll continue on with my pattern making journey.

Week Overview

Since the last time we talked (you read) I was working on patterns...i’m still working on patterns. To be honest I didn't get as much done as I had planned to get done. I started off real strong Monday and Tuesday and once Wednesday came my momentum kind of simmered out. Since the weekdays kind of left me with patterns untouched, and with me being off every weekend, I thought my Saturday would have been filled with catching up; however, I was sadly mistaken. This Saturday we had some errands to take care of that took about 5 hours of my work time and by the time we got back home  it was time for us to get ready for our friend’s birthday party. I guess I could've skipped the birthday party, but that's just not an option in The Hubs eyes. Family and close friends are very important to him (and me too), we make almost every function if we possibly can.

After seeing how my momentum simmered down I reassessed my approach. I made a list of each pattern piece I needed to complete my 10 looks then I checked off the ones I completed and made notes next the ones I have yet to complete. I totally thought I had a lot done before I made this list, but then my anxiety kicked in when I saw I only had 6 check marks. I got a little overwhelmed at first, but then I asked myself “how can I make this less overwhelming, yet still reach my goal of having my patterns completed by January 31 11:59p CST”. Then I came up with this “new” scheduling idea in my planner. Not sure if it's new to you, but it's new to me. After breaking down my day into 'morning, afternoon, and evening giving myself one to two task each segment, it is now less overwhelming and I feel confident I can manage and reach my goal by the due date.

The Lesson

This week I have been doing better at allowing myself to not get upset or disappointed when things don't go as planned. We’re human with real human emotions and real life issues. Finding a balance between when to be hard on myself and when to be forgiving is getting a little easier to do, when before my inner monologue would go haywire on me for not getting “things” done. Only thing I can do is plan accordingly and make adjustments when and where I can. Oh and also ask my friends to let me know ahead of time when we’re having gatherings.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Talk to you next Wednesday. Be sure to come back and find out if I finished all of my patterns.


P.S. Finally got my model look book in!! All the girls are gorgeous and I can't wait to meet them in person !




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