#NOFW7, Week 1

New Orleans Fashion Week Emerging Designers Competition 7 (#NOFW7) is just 9 weeks away. I am so thrilled to be back to compete once again against 9 other amazingly talented designers. One of those designers just so happens to be my friend, Victoria Cleveland. Even though it's a competition we’re constantly texting each other asking for advice, opinions, and scheduling pattern making dates. This business is too much to not have a genuine friend by your side. Let us not forget she makes menswear so we’re not completely in the same part of the industry. You’ll read about her more and our dates in the upcoming weeks.

Week Overview


This past week was quite rough for me. I haven't sewn or made patterns since November 2016. That's only 2 months ago, but in that short break I guess a little bit of fear and self doubt made it's way back in. I was suppose to start pattern making Monday. I started Thursday. I legit had to build up the courage and momentum to pull out my pattern making book, drafting paper, and other tools just to get started. My mind kept telling me “I couldn't pattern make what I had sketched. It’s too difficult. My degree is a joke.” You see how the mind tells you lies!? All lies that it told, well all except for the degree part. It is in part a joke, but i’ll get to that in another post.

So I did what all smart people do--I texted my mentor, Undra, and politely begged her for a 15 min pep talk. So yes I got a call from her during dinner time with The Hubs, he wasn't too happy about this, but this is one of those time where you get in where you fit in. My mentor lives in NY, she has a full time day job in the industry, all while running her clothing line of 2 years on the side. Check her out here. I had to cut into family time to take a business call so I could get my life together because prior to that talk it was not together. She gave me a quick pep talk and guess what, before the night was over I had completed my gathered skirt pattern. So between that talk, the weekend, and today I have a gathered skirt pattern front & back, an ankle leg pattern front & back, a wrap skirt pattern front and back, one waistband, and a wrap dress skirt pattern front and back. My goal is to have all my sketches, patterns, and mood board completed by the end of the month. So far my all sketches are completed and I have to keep stopping myself from pulling out my sketch pad to add in something new. ⅓ of my mood board is completed, and my patterns are about 35% completed. Don't ask me where I got that percentage from, but it sounds about right. Ha!

The Lesson

Our minds takes us into long drawn out monologues and most of the time half of the stuff ain't true. Because I did what I said I was going to do, each time I went to my work area, starting got easier because I made a conscious effort to get those negative thoughts out of my head. Implement mindful practices into your daily life and watch the difference it makes in your personal, spiritual, and professional life. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Talk to you next Wednesday.






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