3 Things To Ask Yourself If You Want To Be A Fashion Designer + CHECKLIST

So you want to be a fashion designer, but why? Is it because it seems like something cool to do? Is it because in your free time you sew or sketch or enjoy dressing your friends for fun? Do you have what it takes? Do you really have what it takes to be a world renowned fashion designer? Lets go through the questions and find out.

Question 1: Why do I want to be a fashion designer?

The market has become so saturated from all the reality TV shows such as Project Runway that shines a light on the industry making it very difficult for emerging designer to really make it. So you need to really ask yourself why do i want to make it and dig deep within your gut to find the answer because trust me, it ain't easy if you do not know and understand your why.

Question 2: Which part of the industry do I want to go into?

The fashion industry is made up of a plethora of parts. You've already picked one part by saying you want to be a fashion designer, but which subpart? Do you want to be an entrepreneurial fashion designer where you have your own clothing line under whatever name you choose sold in brick and mortar stores, e-commerce sites, flea markets, trade shows, etc. Do you want to work on the design team of your favorite designer? Within the design team there's production, sourcing, illustration, pattern making, cutting, and the list can go on. So you need to do some research based on your why from Question 1 and figure out which part of the industry best fits in with your reasoning. 

Question 3: What sets me apart from the those within my part of the industry?

You know your why and you know which part and subpart of the industry you want to be into. Now on to what sets you apart from your peers. What is that one thing that will make the employer choose you over the next person? Even though there is nothing knew under the sun anymore and fashion repeats itself over and over again, how do you differentiate yourself from your peers. Where does your authenticity lie in those repeated trends? 

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