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Logs into JustFab and immediately prompted to take a style quiz. Reads Seventeen Magazine and see a style quiz. This list could go on for days, but what do all these have in common? These style quizzes gives instant results of one style category. 

If you're anything like me, then you don't fit into one style category. When you go to pick out an outfit, there are multiple factors being considered before you even step into your closet.

1. Where am I going? 
2. *Checks the weather* 
3. Do I even feel like going? 

This is another list that can go on and on, but the point is we all consider things that we deem important before picking out an outfit and these so called style quizzes yielding one style category just wasn't working for me. That frustration led me to analyzing how I pick out outfits which in return allowed me to truly define my authenticity across each style category.

In short, there were three things I did in order to truly define my personal style.

Get educated. There are so many terms out there, that are being used incorrectly by the way, I really just wanted to know what they meant so I can better understand how to access my outfit choices. 

Look at others.  If you pay attention, the trends that you find in stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Zara, and other fast fashion retailers, you'll find that each season their offerings are very similar to what was worn back in the day. For instance, right now the fashion cycle is repeating the 90s, (i.e. chokers, pony tails and scrunchies.) Go back in an era, pick something that stands out to you, modernize it and keep rolling with that. Apply it across all style categories and you'll always find shopping easier because you'll have a general idea of what you're looking for. 

Be authentic. Finding your authenticity is what will help you define your personal style. Getting educated and looking to others sets the foundation while authenticity ties it together. Don't get so caught up in trends that you end up mannequin shopping (buying the exact outfit off the mannequin from head to toe.) Show your personality to the world through fashion clothing & accessories, a form of self expression without saying a word. 

What you get.

My eBook is not your average style quiz or style checklist. Better yet, there is neither a quiz or checklist. My eBook is a resource, it's a guide, and it will put you to work. Inside you'll get educated, you'll have access to resources I used in school and some that I found in my own research outside of school, and in the end you'll get templates to print out and use to build your own personal style. Be creative and don't forget to tweet and tag me on Insta so I know it's real. Say bye-bye to the frustration of shopping and hello to an easier and more fun shopping experience to express your true, authentic self.

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24 year old millennial building an overnight success story 1 week at a time. Talking about building a fashion brand while being a young newly wed keeping God at the full font of the relationship and career.