5 Things I Learned About Entrepreneurship + FREE Checklist

Entrepreneurship is such an emotional journey and I have only been doing this for going on 2 years now, 6 months consistently. Today I want to go over 5 Lessons I've learned since being a consistent entrepreneur. 

Lesson # 1 ::

Don't be AFRAID to talk and/or mention to others about your business. :: If you are afraid to talk about it then that probably means you're not in the right field. If you are doing something you are really passionate about you will tell it to everyone you meet and they will be able to resonate with your passion and will be inspired by your drive and hunger.

Lesson # 2 ::

FEAR is an emotion and emotions change. Entrepreneurship will push you so far beyond your comfort zone and fear will literally grip your heart, but guess what, you can take that same energy and channel that into what motivates you to keep pushing past your comfort zone. Eventually that fear will no longer be able to stop you and instead you will thrive off it and need it to continue to fuel your determination to meet your OWN definition of success.

Lesson # 3 ::

You will be on an EMOTIONAL roller coaster, but you have to learn how to control your emotions to make smart decisions that will not cost you money, time, or resources. Let me know when you have reached the seesaw entrepreneur i.e. "I am on the right track, I had so many sales and subscribers today" then the next day "I hate entrepreneurship, this is too hard, I don't know if I want to do this anymore" Once you have reached this level, congratulations you have successfully made it to the right path to entrepreneurship! 

Lesson # 4 ::

You are NOT your own boss and you CANNOT do it all by yourself. That mentality is a LIE, so release it right now! I'll wait. ... As an entrepreneur you are not your own boss. I am a fashion designer. You are my boss, my customer. My collections are based off of you and what you are evolving into. If I do not take you into consideration I will not be an entrepreneur. And secondly, you cannot do everything yourself. At the beginnning yes you will have to do it all, but as your business grows, your customer changes, eventually you will have to outsource workers/interns because you have to be the one selling your brand, unless you hire a business partner to sell for you.

Lesson # 5 ::

Never stop LEARNING. As an entrepreneur you have to wear many hats, and with those hats comes a ton of knowledge both known and unknown. I have never purchased books outside of fiction and adventure until I got serious about entrepreneurship. I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur and the more I saw so many other women that looked like me doing their thing, I got inspired and decided to buy self-help books, I downloaded podcast, subscribe to email lists and started learning from the best of the best. I have yet to invest in any master classes, but eventually those will be added. Click here to read my post about the Top 10 books and podcasts for entrepreneurs.

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Love, Light, and Peace to you,


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