Who is she, anyway?

Formerly known as KiYada Jenkins! I got hitched! I am the wife to the amazing Ice Cold Brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Ryan Upshaw! I am a mommie to a black lab! I am a proud Alumna of Louisiana State University A & M. I graduated with a BS in Textiles, Apparel Design, & Merchandising with a desire to become an entrepreneurial fashion designer and the owner of a power house minority brand with goals of eventually turning my brand into brick and mortar stores located both domestically and globally. I have participated in many fashion shows throughout my college career, been mentioned in The Advocate, The Reveille and even on Nola.com. I have won awards and also made it to the Top 10 of New Orleans Fashion Week Emerging Designers Competition post grad life where I showcased my first collection of 12 looks for Fall 2016. Check out my portfolio here.

The Purpose 

The purpose of this blog is to not only build my online presence, but take you along with me on my journey. Most people talk about how they made it after they've made it. My goal is to be as transparent as I can be on my journey to getting what I want with all the obstacles I face in my day to day life. We're on this journey together and I want you to know and get the support system you need so that you can do it, too. 

The Inspiration

I draw inspiration based off of what I am going through in my life or things that are going on around me. I design for the modern day modest woman. A woman who doesn't need to be completely covered up, but she also respects herself and her body enough not to expose too much. You will find a lot of prints and colors throughout my designs. A lot of reference to the 20s-40s era as well.

If you're interested in working with me send me an email to kiyadaupshaw@gmail.com

Love, Light, & Peace to you